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Apple iPad Pro Cellular (2021) 5th Gen Tablet 5G M1 8GB 256GB Storage 11" IPS

Product SKU : SK005-025
  • £679.89
  • Save £220.11
  • Refurbished
  • 256 GB storage: Perfect for saving pretty much everything
  • Liquid Retina display
  • 11 inch screen size
  • iOS operating system
  • 12 months warranty
Grade: Very Good Grading Guide
Brand: Apple

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Product Description

Reasons to buy Apple iPad Pro :

Buy Apple iPad Pro Cellular (2021) 5th Gen Tablet. Featuring blazing-fast 5G connectivity, a powerful M1 chip, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, all on a stunning 12.9" IPS display. Elevate your productivity and entertainment to new heights with this cutting-edge tablet.       

  • Refurbished
  • 256 GB storage: Perfect for saving pretty much everything  
  • Liquid Retina display  
  • 11 inch screen size  
  • iOS operating system  
  • 12 months warranty   

What's Included-

  • Apple iPad Pro Cellular (2021) 5th Gen Tablet 5G M1 8GB 256GB Storage 11" IPS
  • Power Cable
  • 12 Months Warranty


Transform your iPad into a laptop

With a tablet like the Apple 11" iPad Pro Cellular - who needs a laptop? Compatible with the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio (sold separately), the iPad Pro does everything a PC can do.

Plus, weighing under 500 g and packing a 9-hour battery life, it's perfect for working, streaming and browsing on the go.

Do more with the Apple M1 Chip

From video-editing to gaming, the Apple M1 chip lets you take on the biggest tasks and creative projects. The octa-core processor delivers faster performance and graphics than the previous iPad Pro. Designed with creators in mind, the processor can easily handle 4K video editing as well as AR and 3D design.

5G connectivity

No more waiting for videos to buffer. With lightning-fast 5G connectivity, you can download huge files or stream movies on the train.  

Liquid Retina display

The bright edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display gives you more room to work, watch and create.

ProMotion, True Tone technologies provide incredibly accurate colour, so you can enjoy your content the way it was meant to be seen. And with incredibly low reflexivity, the display is always clear and readable no matter where you are.

Ultra-wide camera fits everything in

Take perfectly framed photos with the 12 MP wide and 10 MP ultra-wide rear cameras. So good it's used by NASA, the LiDAR scanner measures distance for improved depth perception in your images.

Your FaceTime calls just levelled up. Using the Ultra Wide camera and machine learning, Centre Stage keeps you in the centre of frame as you move around. So the focus is always on you - even if you're on the go.


Brand Apple
Grade Very Good
Colour Space Grey
Model MHW53B/A
Type tablet
Warranty 12 Months
Operating system IOS 16.6.1
Hard drive capacity
Processor speed Octa-core
Ram size
Screen size 11 Inches


Is Apple iPad Pro tablet worth it?

Absolutely! Buying an iPad, like the Apple iPad Pro, is definitely worth it. iPads are sleek, powerful, and versatile devices that greatly enhance your digital experience. Whether you're a student, professional, artist, or simply someone who enjoys easy-to-use technology, the iPad offers a perfect combination of portability, productivity, and entertainment. With its beautiful screen and a wide range of apps and features, the iPad allows you to work, learn, create, and stay connected effortlessly. It opens up a world of possibilities and takes your digital lifestyle to new heights. Get ready to enjoy the amazing benefits of the Apple iPad Pro.

What is the average life of a Apple iPad Pro ?
The average life of an Apple iPad Pro can vary depending on several factors, including usage patterns, care, and technological advancements. However, iPads are generally designed to have a lifespan of around 4 to 6 years.

Apple typically provides software updates for several years after a device's release, which ensures compatibility with the latest apps and security enhancements.
Regular maintenance, proper charging practices, and protecting the device from physical damage can help extend its lifespan.

What should I look for when buying a tablet?

When buying a tablet, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the right device for your needs:

Operating System: The operating system of a tablet determines its user interface and the range of apps available. The most popular operating systems for tablets are Android, iOS, and Windows.

Screen Size: The screen size of a tablet can range from around 7 inches to 13 inches. Consider the size that will be most comfortable for you to use, and also keep in mind that larger screens may be better for tasks like watching videos or reading.

Performance: Look for a tablet with a powerful processor, sufficient RAM, and a good amount of storage. This will ensure that the tablet can handle your apps and multitasking needs.

Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the tablet, as this will determine how long you can use the device without needing to charge it.

Connectivity: Check for the type of connectivity options the tablet offers, such as Wi-Fi, cellular data, and Bluetooth.

Camera Quality: If you plan on using the tablet to take photos or video, look for a device with a good quality camera.

Price: Set a budget for your tablet purchase and look for devices within your price range. Refurbished tablets can be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality.

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