DELL AC Adapter 19.5V 3.34A 65W (7.4mmx5.0mm)

Product SKU : PO1011-144
  • £21.99
  • 65W
  • 19.5V
  • Clover Power Cable FREE
Grade:New Grading Guide

Product Description

What's included:

  • Dell 65W Latitude 5480 5580 Adapter Charger Power Supply JNKWD LA65NM130
  • Cloveleaf Cable Free
  • 12 months warranty


    Output: 19.5V 3.33A
    Input: 100 - 240V~1A 50-60Hz
    Power: 65W (Also Compatible 19.5V 2.31A 45W, but NOT fit 19.5V 4.62A 90W)
    Interface: 7.4mm*5.0mm (Round Tip!!Round Tip!!!Check!!)

    Compatible Models-

    Dell Latitude 120L, 131L
    Dell Latitude D400, D410, D420, D430
    Dell Latitude D500, D505, D510, D520, D530, D540, D531, D531N
    Dell Latitude D600, D610, D620, D620 ATG, D630, D630 ATG, D630N, D630c, D631, D631N
    Dell Latitude D800, D810, D820, D830, D830N
    Dell Latitude X1, X300, XT, XT Tablet PC, XT2, XT2 XFR, XT3, ST
    Dell Latitude 13, 2100, 2110
    Dell Latitude E4200, E4300, E4310, E5250, E5400, E5410, E5430, E5440, E5450,
    E5500, E5510, E5530, E5540, E5550, E6230, E6330, E6400, E6400 ATG, E6410, E6430,
    E6430S, E6430ATG, E6440, E6500, E6530, E6540, E7240, E7250, E7270, E7440, E4310N
    For Dell Latitude 3150, 3160, 3330, 3340, 3350, 3440, 3450, 3540, 3550, HA65NS5-00, 2100, 6430U

    Grading Explained

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