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Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub PC 11H10005UK Intel Core i5-8365U 8GB RAM 256 SSD

Product SKU : EX0003-010
  • £1,599.99
  • Save £500
  • Refurbished
  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen. Processor
  • Touchscreen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Fast Delivery
Grade: Excellent Grading Guide
Brand: Lenovo

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Product Description

Reasons to buy Lenovo Desktop PC :

This Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub PC 11H10005UK is a powerful and reliable workstation with an Intel Core i5-8365U processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD for fast, efficient performance. Perfect for businesses, professionals and home users alike, this versatile PC will help you stay connected to the world.   

  • Refurbished
  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen. Processor
  • Touchscreen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Fast Delivery
  • 12 Months Warranty

What's included:

  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub All-in-One PC 11H10005UK Intel Core i5-8365U 8GB RAM 256 SSD
  • Power Cable
  • 12 Months Warranty 


Meetings just got easier
The ThinkSmart Hub meeting room device is making meetings more efficient than ever. Built on the Microsoft Teams platform with 8th Gen Intel Core processors, the redesigned Hub has a slimmer design with a sleeker display, more speakers and microphones, an innovative single-cable mechanism, and more visible indicator lights. It’s still scalable across room sizes and features one-touch meeting start, for the best possible Microsoft Teams experience.

Built for teamwork
The ThinkSmart Hub makes collaborating easy, whether it’s across town or around the globe. Start your meetings on time, manage your cables, communicate via voice and chat in real time on Microsoft Teams, and share control with the rotatable display. Designed for small- and medium-sized rooms, this smart room device easily scales across a range of room sizes with a mix of curated accessories, providing a solution for a variety of environments.

Save time & money
With one-touch meeting start, participants can avoid dial-in delays and begin collaborating immediately via the ThinkSmart Hub. IT professionals can use the ThinkSmart Manager console to deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all Hub devices from one centralized location, while optional Smart Office Professional Services provide additional, personalized support.

Clear & clean audio, video, and workspace
Don’t miss a word—ThinkSmart Hub’s four built-in, premium-tuned 3W speakers and four dual-array mics will fill the meeting room and participants’ remote locations with crystal-clear audio. The 10.1” antiglare, smudge-resistant display features FHD (1920 x 1200) resolution and 320nit brightness. And the device has a minimal footprint and a clutter-reducing single-cable mechanism.

Collaborate fearlessly
ThinkSmart Hub is backed by Lenovo ThinkShield—the most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution on the market. Combining industry-leading secure hardware, software, services, and processes, ThinkShield protects your privacy and your data. Keep your collaboration secure.


Brand Lenovo
Grade Excellent
Colour Black
Model 11H10005UK
Type Desktop
Warranty 12 months
Operating system Windows 10
Storage 256GB
Processor speed 1.9 GHz
Graphics card
Ram size 8 GB
Screen size 10.1 Inches
USB ports Yes
Connevtivity DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.1
Speakers Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Webcam No
Optical drive No
Features Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter, Touchscreen


What is the point of all-in-one computer?

The point of an all-in-one computer is to provide a compact and streamlined computing experience. All-in-one computers combine the traditional desktop tower with the monitor, resulting in a single integrated device. This eliminates the need for a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse, saving space and reducing clutter on your desk.

All-in-one computers typically have a sleek and modern design, making them a good option for those who value aesthetics. They also provide a simplified setup process, as there are fewer cables and components to connect.

Is Lenovo Desktop worth it?

Without a doubt, the Lenovo all-in-one computer is worth every penny. With its sleek design, powerful performance, and integrated features, it brings a new level of convenience and style to your workspace. Whether you're a creative professional, a multitasking enthusiast, or someone who appreciates simplicity, this all-in-one computer offers an immersive computing experience that will elevate your productivity and inspire your creativity. Get ready to embrace a clutter-free setup and enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance with the Lenovo all in one.

How do I choose an all-in-one computer?
When choosing an all-in-one computer, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Screen Size: All-in-one computers come in a variety of screen sizes, typically ranging from 21 to 27 inches. Consider your desk space and how you plan to use the computer to determine the right size for you.

Performance: Look for an all-in-one computer with a powerful processor, such as an Intel Core i5 or i7 or an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7. You'll also want to make sure it has enough RAM and storage for your needs.

Graphics: If you plan on using the computer for gaming or graphic design, you'll want to choose an all-in-one with a dedicated graphics card. Otherwise, an integrated graphics card should be sufficient.

Design: All-in-one computers come in a variety of designs, from sleek and modern to more traditional. Consider your personal style and preferences when choosing a design.

Price: All-in-one computers can vary greatly in price, from budget-friendly options to high-end models. Set a budget and look for a model that offers the features and performance you need within your price range.

How long should a all-in-one desktop last?

The lifespan of an all-in-one desktop can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of components, usage patterns, and maintenance. Generally speaking, an all-in-one desktop should last for at least 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the computer and updating software, can help prolong its lifespan. It's also important to use the computer properly, such as avoiding overloading it with heavy applications or using it in extreme temperatures.

Where to buy Lenovo all in one computer uk?

At Student Computers, customers can find some of the best deals on all-in-one computers in the UK. We offer a range of all-in-one models from top brands, including HP, Dell, and Lenovo, at affordable prices. Additionally, we have a selection of refurbished all-in-one computers that provide even greater savings without sacrificing quality.

Our team of experts can help customers choose the right all-in-one computer for their needs, whether they're looking for a compact model for everyday use or a high-end system for gaming or creative work.

Grading Explained

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