Learn Why Refurbished Is Best

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Not everyone can afford to buy brand new phones, tablets, laptops and other tech devices. The obvious way to save money is to look for a well refurbished model (this is where we can help). While a new device is technically more energy-efficient, it’s the energy used by the manufacturer that is actually causing the problem. We offer a range of products in a variety of conditions that could save you a lot of money compared to buying the same thing new.     Core minerals need to be mined from the earth’s limited supply in order to construct certain components and...

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Why Buy Refurbished?

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Since 2002 we have had a vision to bring the best quality refurbished products to the market in aid of reducing electronic waste in the UK and offering low prices to everyone, always.  There is a lot of presumptions when it comes to buying a refurbished product but Student Computers are here to explain.   Buying something second hand doesn't mean the quality has to be any less than perfect.    Refurbished devices come in a range of conditions (A+ to B-) choose what standard you want and the price will reflect this.   Refurbished laptops and desktops are proven to...

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Why are our prices so low? Our refurbishment process means you save money on the same great products

We receive a returned device from the original retailer.

The device is refurbished, tested and certified by us.

The condition of the device is graded accordingly.

You can buy the device at a reduced price.