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Graphic Design Laptops

Laptop Dell XPS 13 Plus 13.4" 3.5K OLED Intel Core i7 1260P 16GB 1TB SSD


  • Pro Refurbished
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 1 TB SSD
  • 3.5K OLED touchscreen
  • Intel Core i7-1260P processor
  • HD RGB IR camera
  • 12 months warranty

Sale price £959.89

Save £539.11

Graphic Design laptops

🎨 Buy and your creative journey with the ultimate graphic design laptops available at Student Computers! 🖥️✨ Whether you're a design enthusiast, professional, or simply seeking cutting-edge technology, our range has you covered. Unleash your imagination on high-performance machines designed to handle the most demanding design tasks. From stunning displays that bring your visions to life to powerful processors that ensure seamless creativity, our laptops are a canvas for your ideas. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a graphic design powerhouse – because inspiration knows no limits! 🚀🎉

Best cheap laptops for artists

🎨 Unleash your artistic potential with our curated selection of the best affordable laptops for artists! 🖌️ Thanks to their refurbished nature, these laptops combine top-notch performance with budget-friendly prices, making them a perfect fit for both budding and experienced artists. Dive into your creative projects with vibrant displays and responsive stylus support, all while enjoying the benefits of refurbished savings. Don't compromise on quality or your creative vision – explore our range of cheap laptops designed to inspire and elevate your artistry. 🚀🌟

What types of laptops fo graphic designs use?

Graphic designers often prefer laptops with high-performance specifications to handle resource-intensive design tasks. These laptops typically feature powerful processors, ample RAM, dedicated graphics cards, and vibrant displays with accurate color representation. The laptops often come in various form factors, including traditional clamshell designs and versatile 2-in-1 convertible laptops that can be used as both laptops and tablets. Portability and color accuracy are key considerations, allowing designers to work on their projects with precision wherever they go. Additionally, many graphic designers opt for laptops with stylus support to enable digital drawing and precise editing. Overall, laptops tailored for graphic design provide the tools needed to bring creative visions to life.

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