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Samsung displays

Samsung smart displayQH75B / LH75QHBEBGCXEN 75 inch 4K Hi-Bright open box


  • New Open Box
  • Samsung QH75B
  • UHD
  • digital signage
  • 3840x2160 (Ultra HD)
  • Hi-Bright

Sale price £1,929.99

Save £60
Grade:Open Box

Samsung Displays

Experience premium quality at a fraction of the cost with refurbished Samsung displays. 🖥️✨ Designed to meet Samsung's strict standards, these displays undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment processes, ensuring they look and perform like new. 🏭💯 Whether you need a stunning monitor for productivity, gaming, or creative pursuits, refurbished Samsung displays offer vibrant colors, sharp resolutions, and impressive features. 🌈🎮 With eco-friendly benefits, choosing a refurbished display also contributes to sustainability efforts. 🌱🌍 Upgrade your visual experience without breaking the bank and enjoy top-tier performance with refurbished Samsung displays

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