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Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 RED GPS 41mm with White Sport Band


  • Pro Refurbished Ex Demo
  • Tracks sports / steps / distance / calories / sleep
  • Contactless payments via Apple Pay
  • 41mm case size
  • watchOS operating system
  • Silicone strap

Sale price £269.99

Save £109.81

Genuine Apple Watch Strap Woven Nylon Pollen yellow stripes 42 44 45 49mm band


  • Durable and strong
  • Comfortable and environmentally friendly
  • Woven Nylon
  • Fits: 42mm 44mm 45mm
  • Genuine Apple
  • 12 Months Warranty

Regular price £16.99

Grade:New Other

Apple watches

Are you looking for an amazing deal on a quality product? If so, you should consider buying a refurbished Apple Watch at our Student Computers store. Refurbished Apple Watches offer the same high-quality experience as buying a brand-new watch, but at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you getting a quality product at a great price, but you're also helping to reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing a refurbished item.

Why You Should Consider a Refurbished Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is an amazing device that can be used for many things including keeping track of your fitness goals, staying in touch with loved ones, and even making payments.

They tend to be very expensive so here We are with our refurbished apple watch range. 

-Each product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by our professional team.

-We offer 12 months warranty on our renewed apple watches. 

-You are helping enviroment

-You save up to 50% in your pocket.

Thanks to our professional team, who looks after the best quality checks, We can provide you, with the best, refurbished apple watches. They are good as new, the only difference is cosmetic defects which you can quickly check as we feature all grading descriptions on each product's page.

Which Apple watch is best in budget?

When it comes to buying an Apple Watch on a budget, the best option is the Apple Watch Series 3. It's a great watch that offers features like GPS, water resistance, and heart rate monitoring. It also has access to the App Store, allowing users to download a variety of apps to their watch. With its long battery life, this watch is perfect for those who want to use it for both fitness and everyday tasks. Additionally, it's relatively affordable, making it a great option for those who don't want to spend too much on a watch.

However with Student Computers you can get latest versions of refurbished Apple Watches- they are perfect way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank. These watches come with all the features of a brand new Apple Watch, but at a fraction of the cost. They come with a full one-year warranty and have been thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure that they are in perfect working order. With a refurbished Apple Watch, you get access to the latest software updates and features, as well as all of the classic design and functionality that make Apple Watches so popular. With a refurbished Apple Watch, you can stay connected and fashionable without spending a fortune.

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