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Environmental Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Tech

Posted by Simon Parkinson on

Each and every one of us can make a vital difference to the environment by buying second-hand tech. The manufacturing and running of digital tech emits over a billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every single year, according to recent estimates. However, when you decide to purchase a second-hand laptop or phone, rather than buy a brand-new one, you will be extending the life of the technology, helping the environment and saving money too. 

If all of us commit to buying second-hand devices, this could have a hugely beneficial impact on the environment - saving thousands of tons of CO2 annually. To learn more about how you can make a difference when you buy your next PC or mobile second-hand, read the following post by the Student Computers team. We explore all the environmental benefits of opting for 2nd hand tech, as well as look at some of the technology products we offer in our online store. 

It Reduces Waste

A major reason to buy a second-hand device is that when you do so, you will help to reduce the amount of electronic waste produced. In today’s technology market, there is continual innovation with new devices and models being released yearly - sometimes even more frequently than this. 

Many consumers feel pressured to upgrade their devices, and with this happening on a large scale, lots of devices are thrown away when in actual fact they could be reused or purchased second-hand. When you buy a 2nd hand piece of technology, you will stop this product otherwise going to landfill and creating waste. 

Landfills create significantly negative human and environmental consequences. Therefore, if you want to do your bit to minimise these - second-hand is the way to go. You’ll also be sending a clear message to the tech companies that you want devices that last longer rather than need to be updated yearly.

It Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Alongside this, when you buy a second-hand or refurbished device, you will be making a tangible impact on carbon emissions. When it comes to technology production, a vast amount of energy is used during the manufacturing process, and as well as this, there are lots of scarce, non-renewable raw materials needed for making laptops, phones, tablets and computers. 

Choosing to get a second-hand device will therefore mean that you reduce the amount of energy used - as you will be giving an existing piece of tech as long a life as physically possible. So long as a device has a good battery life and performs well, it is perfectly usable and should still be in operation. In all, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint if you go second-hand. 

Buy Second-Hand Tech Today

Whether you are searching for second-hand laptops or second-hand tablets for sale, Student Computers is the best online destination for you. We have a comprehensive range of 2nd hand tech products at low prices, giving our customers incredible affordability and value for money. You will find everything you’re looking for in our extensive range, whether it’s Chromebooks, gaming controllers or refurbished Air pods. All of our products come with a warranty of 6-12 months or as stated, and our electronics are tested and certified before they reach you. 

Overall, buying renewed tech is great for the environment; it’s the greener option and makes a big difference to our planet. To browse all of our refurbished technology, visit the Student Computers website today. If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, then please email us at or drop us a message via our Facebook Page’s Messenger. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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