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Essential Tech for Students in Art, Music, and beyond

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best tech for creative students

Venturing into the world of creativity? As a trusted seller of tech tools for students in graphic design, music production, film, and visual arts, we're here to be your guide. Discover pro-level insights in this blog to supercharge your skills and stay at the forefront of your field. Unleash your artistic potential with the perfect gear and software, custom-tailored for your creative journey. 🚀🎨🎶🎬


Graphic Tablets with Pen Displays: Elevating Digital Artistry

Casting traditional artistry into the digital realm has opened up a world of endless possibilities for creatives. Among the arsenal of tools that make this transition seamless, graphic tablets with pen displays stand out as the bridge between the tangible and the digital. In this exploration, we delve into the universe of these creative companions and how to make the most of them

graphic tablet for students


Understanding Graphic Tablets: Graphic tablets, also known as pen tablets or drawing tablets, encompass two essential elements: a flat surface resembling a canvas and a stylus (pen) for direct interaction. These tablets come in various sizes, catering to both portability and expansive artistic projects.

Pen Displays for Immersive Artistry: Enter the realm of pen displays, which combine the functionality of graphic tablets with the visual feedback of a screen. Here, you witness your artwork come to life as the stylus dances across the display. This immersive experience elevates precision and control, making it the preferred choice of many professional digital artists.

Choosing the Right Model: Selecting the ideal graphic tablet or pen display is a personalized journey influenced by your needs and budget. Key considerations encompass size, pressure sensitivity levels (often expressed in figures like 8192 or 16,384), screen resolution, and compatibility with preferred art software.

Enhancing Your Workflow: To truly harness the potential of your digital artistry, consider these strategies:

  • Customizable Shortcuts: Many tablets offer customizable shortcut buttons and touch strips to streamline your workflow and access frequently used tools efficiently.
  • ExpressKeys and Radial Menus: Some models take customization to the next level with features like ExpressKeys or radial menus, offering additional options for assigning functions to your stylus and tablet buttons.
  • Calibration: Calibrating your tablet ensures precise tracking, minimizing any disparities between your stylus and the on-screen cursor.
  • Accessories: Accessories like screen protectors and adjustable stands not only protect your tablet but also optimize your working angle for added comfort.

Software and Artistic Freedom: To complement your tablet, pair it with professional art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint, or Procreate. These applications house an extensive array of brushes, tools, and features to breathe life into your creative concepts.


High-Performance Laptops and Desktops: Powerhouses for Creative Pioneers

Alright, let's talk tech for unleashing your creativity, including laptops for designers. Whether you're diving into 3D modeling, video editing, or game development, your choice of hardware can make or break your artistic journey. Here's the lowdown on what to look for

laptops and desktops for design students

Multi-Core Processors for Raw Power: Picture your computer's brain. It's the CPU. Creative tasks like 3D stuff and video editing need some serious brainpower. So, aim for laptops or desktops with multi-core processors like Intel's Core i7 or AMD's Ryzen series. These champs handle tasks like a boss.

Ample RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM is like your computer's desk space—it determines how many things it can juggle at once. For creative work, aim for at least 16GB of RAM. That way, you can switch between apps without a hitch, whether you're using Adobe's Creative Suite or diving into Blender.

Dedicated Graphics Cards (GPU): If you're into visuals—3D modeling, animation, video wizardry—a dedicated graphics card is your sidekick. Think NVIDIA's GeForce or AMD's Radeon series for laptops, or NVIDIA's Quadro or AMD's Radeon Pro for desktops. These speed up rendering and give you real-time previews.

Storage Solutions: Fast and roomy storage is your BFF. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are speedy and perfect for software and big project files. Some laptops/desktops pair an SSD for the operating system and software with a bigger Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for data storage.

Mac vs. PC: Ah, the age-old debate! Macs like MacBook Pros are known for sleek design and a tidy software setup. PCs, like Dell XPS laptops or custom-built desktops, offer more customization and can save you some cash. Your pick depends on what floats your creative boat.

Cooling Systems and Portability: Powerful laptops can get hot under the collar. Look for models with efficient cooling to keep things chill. If you're on the move, find a laptop that balances power and portability. Desktops bring more horsepower but forget about lugging them around.

External Displays and Gear: Want a double-screen setup? Grab an external monitor with spot-on color accuracy. And don't forget the extras—get a snazzy mouse, comfy keyboard, and perhaps a graphics tablet. They'll amp up your creative groove.

Maintenance and Backups: Last but not least, show your tech some love. Dust off those cooling fans and keep those drivers up to date. And for the love of your creative soul, back up your work. Hardware can be unpredictable.

Pro-Grade Software Suites

Let's dive into the juicy world of creative software, where choosing the right one is like picking the perfect brush for your masterpiece. These software suites are the secret sauce behind turning your creative sparks into dazzling works of art, music, and design:

Adobe Creative Cloud: Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius Adobe Creative Cloud is like a treasure chest for creatives. It's got a bunch of apps for different creative gigs. Check it out:

  • Adobe Photoshop: The granddaddy of image editing, loved by photographers and digital artists.
  • Adobe Illustrator: For crafting logos, illustrations, and all things vector.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Hollywood-style video editing right on your computer.
  • Adobe After Effects: The magic wand for motion graphics and special effects.
  • Adobe InDesign: Layout wizardry for print and digital media.

Autodesk Maya: Where 3D Dreams Come True If you're all about 3D modeling, animation, and making things look epic, Autodesk Maya is your sidekick. It's the go-to tool in movies and games to create mind-blowing characters and worlds.

Pro Tools: Sound Wizards, Rejoice! Musicians and sound wizards swear by Avid's Pro Tools. It's like a sonic laboratory for recording, editing, and mixing music and audio. Top-notch stuff for music makers.

Ableton Live: Where Beats and Synths Collide Electronic music creators, this one's for you. Ableton Live is your playground for crafting electronic tunes and doing live performances. It's the secret sauce behind many DJs and music producers.

Educational Discounts: Student Perks Galore Here's the cherry on top for students: educational discounts. Many software makers give you a sweet deal, or even free access to their goodies. Here's how to grab these deals:

  • Check Your School: First, see if your school hooks you up with these software suites through student accounts or computer labs.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Students: Adobe spoils students with big discounts, giving you access to their whole creative toolkit.
  • Autodesk Education Community: Autodesk hands out free licenses to students and educators, so you can dive into Maya and more.
  • Avid's Pro Tools Student Pricing: Avid has budget-friendly Pro Tools options just for students, ensuring your music production dreams don't break the bank.

Studio-Grade Audio Equipment

Fellow sound wizards, let's talk about crafting that perfect audio setup that'll take your music production from 'good' to 'mind-blowing'

tech for music students

High-Quality Microphones: Capturing the Magic First things first, your microphone is like your musical paintbrush. Brands like Shure, Neumann, and AKG offer a smorgasbord of microphones. For vocals and instruments, grab a dynamic mic like the Shure SM7B. If you're into detailed vocals and acoustic instruments, a condenser mic like the Neumann U87 is your jam.

Audio Interfaces: Your Sonic Gateway Now, meet the middleman, the audio interface. It turns your sound into digital data your computer can understand. Focusrite, Universal Audio, and PreSonus are your buddies here. Just make sure your interface has all the ins and outs you need for your recording adventures.

Studio Monitors: The Sound Truth Tellers Studio monitors (aka speakers) are like your truth-telling friends. KRK, Yamaha, and Genelec make ones that spill the sonic beans honestly. Match them to your room size and acoustics, and use them to scrutinize your mixes.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): Your Creative Playground Now, let's hit the software side. Your DAW is where the magic happens. Here are some options:

  • Logic Pro: Apple's gem, perfect for macOS lovers, packed with tools and virtual instruments.
  • FL Studio: Known for being user-friendly and awesome for electronic music.
  • Reaper: It's like the Swiss Army knife of DAWs, versatile and budget-friendly.

Cables and Accessories: The Devil's in the Details Don't forget the small stuff. High-quality cables, sturdy mic stands, pop filters, and shock mounts may seem minor, but they're like the secret sauce that makes your recordings pop.

Acoustic Treatment: Taming the Room Beast Last but not least, consider taming the beast in your room acoustics. Bass traps, diffusers, and acoustic panels can make your space less echoey and more music-friendly.

Video Production Essentials

let's roll out the red carpet for you budding filmmakers and video maestros. Crafting a visual masterpiece is all about having the right gear and a dash of editing magic. Here's the lowdown on what you need:

camera for filmmakers

Camera Gear: Your Window to the World First things first, the camera. It's the storyteller's eye. Canon, Sony, and Panasonic are your companions here. Check these out:

  • Canon EOS series: Versatile and friendly for all skill levels.
  • Sony Alpha series: Auto-focus wizards with a knack for low-light scenes.
  • Panasonic Lumix series: 4K champions packed in a compact frame.

Lenses and Accessories: Shaping Your Tale Lenses? They're your storyteller's palette. Grab a mix of prime and zoom lenses to paint your visual story. And don't forget lens filters, ND filters, and lens hoods to sprinkle some magic on your shots.

Lighting Equipment: Painting with Light Lighting is like your paintbrush in the world of video. LED lights, softboxes, and reflectors give you the power to set the mood, whether you're indoors or under the open sky.

Stabilization Tools: Smooth Moves No one likes shaky footage. Gimbal stabilizers like DJI Ronin or Zhiyun Crane are your trusty steadicams. They turn wobbles into silky-smooth shots.

Audio Equipment: Crystal Clear Sound Audio is the unsung hero. Invest in top-notch microphones like lavalier mics or shotgun mics to capture crisp sound. Don't forget audio recorders and external interfaces to up your audio game.

Editing Software: Weaving the Final Tale Once you're done shooting, the real magic happens in the editing room. Take your pick:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: The Swiss Army knife of video editing.
  • DaVinci Resolve: King of color grading.
  • Final Cut Pro: If you're on macOS, this is your playground.

Color Correction and Grading: Painting the Visual Canvas Tweak exposure, balance colors, and give your video its unique style. Color correction and grading bring your visuals to life.

Sound Editing and Mixing: Audio Magic Last but not least, your sound deserves the spotlight. Software like Adobe Audition or Pro Tools helps you fine-tune your audio and sync it flawlessly with your visuals.

Digital Sketchpads and Stylus Pens

The magical world of digital sketchpads and stylus pens, the modern-day art studio that fits in your backpack. Here's why you absolutely need them on your artistic journey:

The Feel of Traditional Drawing, but Digital: Imagine drawing on paper, but with all the digital perks. Devices like the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil or Wacom Cintiq nail that tactile experience. The stylus pen's pressure sensitivity lets you control line thickness and opacity, just like your trusty pencils and brushes. It's like art, but evolved!

Sketching and Note-Taking: These sketchpads are your creative notepads. Sketch out ideas, brainstorm, and take notes without wasting paper. You can erase, undo, and try different concepts with ease. Perfect for doodling, character sketches, storyboarding, and capturing spontaneous visual sparks.

Concept Art and Illustration: If you're into illustration, concept art, or graphic design, these tools are your secret sauce. Zoom in for fine details or zoom out for bold strokes—precise control at your fingertips.

Diverse Software Ecosystem: Pair your sketchpad with the right software, and you're unstoppable. Check these out:

  • Procreate: Exclusive to iPad, it's a treasure trove of brushes and tools adored by illustrators.
  • Clip Studio Paint: Versatile and a favorite for comics and manga creators.
  • Adobe Fresco: Part of Adobe Creative Cloud, it combines raster and vector tools for versatile artistry.

Portability and Flexibility: One word—portability! Carry your entire creative workshop with you, wherever inspiration strikes. Being flexible with your workspace can lead to some amazing breakthroughs.

Digital Workflow Integration: These sketchpads play nice with your digital world. Export your creations in various formats and share your art on social media, websites, or incorporate it into larger digital projects with ease.

Learning and Growth: For those starting out, digital sketchpads are like a playground for learning and experimenting. Dive into tutorials, follow guides, and hone your skills without the constraints of traditional art supplies.

Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions

Protect your creative work by regularly backing up your projects to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Adobe Creative Cloud. This ensures that your files are safe, accessible, and recoverable.

  • Regularly back up your creative projects to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Adobe Creative Cloud to safeguard against data loss.
  • Cloud storage offers universal access, synchronization across devices, and file versioning.
  • Collaborate seamlessly, share files securely, and integrate with creative software.
  • Enjoy scalability, automatic backups, and cost-effective solutions for your evolving needs.
  • Cloud storage is your digital insurance policy, ensuring your creative work remains safe, accessible, and recoverable.


Best tech for art students and other creative fields

In the fast-evolving creative landscape, staying at the forefront of your chosen field means continuous learning and adaptation. At Student Computers, we provide cutting-edge tech tools for students in art, music, movie and other creative fields.

By embracing these advanced tools and adopting a proactive approach to your creative journey, you'll excel in your studies and push the boundaries of your artistic endeavors. Embrace the digital age and let your creativity shine with our specialized gear!

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