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The Future of Computer Monitors: What to Expect in the Next 5 Years

Posted by Simon Parkinson on

future of computer monitors


Are you searching for a new computer monitor? We always search for the most recent trends and technological advancements.
As an online retailer of high-quality monitors, including budget monitors, PC monitors, and gaming monitors. Let's find out what the next five years and beyond will bring for computer monitors.


More OLED Displays

The birth of OLED technology is one of the most exciting advances in the field of computer monitors. OLED displays have been around for a while on smartphones, but because of the high cost of production, they haven't yet appeared on larger panels. Yet as technology develops, OLED panels should become less expensive to produce, increasing their appeal as a computer display choice.


Higher Refresh Rates

The development of high refresh rate displays will probably continue to advance in the coming years, which is another trend we may expect. Even while 144Hz monitors are now widespread, even greater refresh rates are likely to follow soon. Gamers will enjoy even smoother gameplay on monitors with refresh rates of 240Hz or greater, and all users will find them to be more responsive.

More Ultrawide Monitors

The world of ultrawide monitors is one area where tremendous innovation is already occurring. For activities that call for a broad field of vision, like gaming and video editing, these displays provide an immersive viewing experience. As technology advances, we can anticipate seeing panels that are even wider and more curved, elevating the ultrawide viewing experience.

ultra wide monitor

Better Eye Care Features

Eye care elements are becoming more and more significant as more individuals spend extended periods of time in front of computer monitors. We may anticipate seeing more monitors with eye-healthy features like flicker-free technology, blue light filters, and programmable brightness levels within the next five years.

Here are a few examples of what better eye care features could look like:

1. Blue Light Filters: Blue light filters are a common eye care feature on monitors. They function by lessening the amount of blue light that screens generate, which can interfere with sleep cycles and lead to eye fatigue. Several levels of blue light filtering could be available on some displays, allowing users to choose the level of filtering that suits them best.
2. Flicker-Free Technology: Another common eye care feature is flicker-free technology. This technology works by reducing or eliminating the flicker that can occur on some monitors, which can also cause eye strain and fatigue.
3. Adjustable Brightness Settings: Brightness is another factor that can contribute to eye strain. Better eye care monitors may offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the screen to a comfortable level for their eyes.
4. Low Blue Light Mode: Some monitors offer a low blue light mode, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the screen even further than a traditional blue light filter. This can be especially useful for users who spend long hours in front of the screen.
5. Ambient Light Sensors: Ambient light sensors can help to adjust the brightness of the screen based on the lighting conditions in the room. This can help to reduce eye strain by ensuring that the screen is always at a comfortable level of brightness.
6. Anti-Glare Coating: Some monitors may also offer an anti-glare coating on the screen, which can reduce the amount of glare and reflections that can cause eye strain and fatigue.

Thinner Bezels

In the realm of monitors, tiny bezels have already become a common trend, and we may anticipate seeing even narrower bezels in the future. Some displays might even have completely bezel-free viewing areas, providing a genuinely seamless experience.

thin bezel monitor

Wireless Connectivity

The number of displays that may connect wirelessly to computers and other devices may increase as wireless technology develops. Multiple monitor setup and use may be made simpler as a result, and connecting to other devices like laptops and cellphones may also be made more convenient.

Advanced Touchscreen Technology

While touchscreens have been available on some monitors for a while now, we may see more advanced touchscreen technology in the future. Here are a few examples of what advanced touchscreen technology could look like in the future:
1. Improved Stylus Support: Many touchscreens already support stylus input, but future touchscreens could offer even better stylus support. This could include features like improved palm rejection to prevent accidental inputs, as well as more advanced pressure sensitivity for more accurate and natural-feeling input.
2. Existing touchscreens can handle simple multi-touch motions like pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scrolling, but future touchscreens may be able to enable far more complex movements. Three-finger swipes, four-finger taps, and other gestures may be included in this.
3. Tactile Feedback: While most touchscreens are smooth and flat, future touchscreens could offer more tactile feedback. This could include features like haptic feedback, which uses vibrations to provide feedback when you touch the screen, or even textured surfaces that provide a more tactile feel.
4. Improved Accuracy: While touchscreens are generally quite accurate, they're not always perfect. Future touchscreens could offer improved accuracy through features like more advanced touch sensors or even AI-powered algorithms that can predict where you're going to touch the screen.
5. Larger Screens: While touchscreens are already available in larger sizes, we could see even larger touchscreen monitors in the future. This could open up new possibilities for things like digital art or interactive displays in public spaces.

touch screen monitor

Not everyone needs a high-end monitor for gaming or creative work. For those on a budget, we expect to see continued innovation in the realm of cheap monitors. While these displays may not offer the same features as their more expensive brothers, they'll still provide a solid viewing experience for daily use.

In conclusion, the future of computer monitors is looking bright. Now, it is a great time to upgrade your display, whether you are a gamer, a creative professional, or a casual user. And we're here to assist you choose the ideal monitor for your needs as an online technology retailer that specialises in monitors of all kinds. Browse our collection of premium PC displays, affordable monitors, and gaming monitors today!

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