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Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless Esports Performance Gaming Mouse 18,000 CPI


  • Refurbished
  • Wireless Mouse
  • SteelSeries
  • Bluetooth
  • 12 Months warranty
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Grade:Very Good

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse sale at Student Computers. Selecting your gaming mouse is an important step for your PC gaming set up. Take a look at our range of highly dynamic and quality-built gaming mice to enhance your gaming marathons. 


Having the right mouse is important for lengthy gaming sessions and makes a huge difference between winning and losing. Your mouse should translate your actions on the desk effortlessly to the game with pinpoint precision. With a flawless DPI optical sensor, there should be no prediction in your movements while eliminating smoothing, acceleration and jittering.

Every mouse on offer gives users great comfort, precision, fast responses, customisation and incredible designs, quick, quick, they are going fast.


A wired gaming mouse offers everything you’d expect from a traditional mouse but with various options such as programmable buttons, sophisticated optical sensors, DPI and RGB colour customisation. Rest assured knowing you’re always connected during your long gaming sessions.


A wireless gaming moice takes everything you expect from a wired gaming mouse and packs it into an accessory that connects through bluetooth to your PC or laptop. The lightspeed wireless connection ensures your every click and movement is registered fast.

Refurbished Gaming mice

Many of the mice you find here are refurbished. Don't let that change your mind though! Our refurbished gaming  mice work just as good as new ones. More than often, the only difference you will notice between our refurbished keyboards and mice and new ones is the cosmetic quality. At the top of any product description you can find the product grading section. Here you will find the product grade. This grade lets you know what the cosmetic condition of the device is straight away.



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