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  • Eaton 9PX
  • 9000 mAh
  • 12 Months Warranty
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Brand: EATON

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Product Description

Reasons to buy refurbished EATON Power Supply :

The Eaton 9PX EBM 72V RT2U external battery module is a reliable and high-performance solution for extending the runtime of your Eaton 9PX UPS system. The 2U form factor allows for easy installation and integration into your existing setup, while the 72V battery capacity provides ample power to keep your devices running in the event of a power outage or interruption. The external battery module features hot-swappable batteries for easy maintenance and replacement, and is designed to work seamlessly with your Eaton 9PX UPS system for maximum efficiency and reliability. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing UPS system or build a new one from scratch, the Eaton 9PX EBM 72V RT2U external battery module is an excellent choice. Order now to enjoy reliable and long-lasting power for your critical devices and applications.       

  • Retail Boxed
  • Eaton 9PX  
  • 9000 mAh  
  • 12 Months Warranty  
  • Fast Delivery  

Image 1 - NEW Eaton 9PXEBM72RT2U 9PX 1000/1500va Extended Battery Module Rack/Tower 2U

What's Included-

  • 12 Months Warranty


Eaton 9PX UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

In the event of a power surge or power failure, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a vital piece of safety equipment. They provide you with crucial battery backup time and ensure all your sensitive IT, network and computer systems are kept safe and operational.

The Eaton 9PX Series of UPS systems are designed to deliver first-class energy-efficient power protection for data centres, IT, Networking and Infrastructure. With energy star qualification the 9PX can operate at the highest efficiency levels and still reduce energy and cooling costs. Featuring double conversion technology, the Eaton 9PX series can constantly monitor power and regulate voltage and frequency levels. The Eaton 9PX UPS’s are the ideal solution for both rack-mounting or standalone installations.

Features and Benefits

• Easy to install and operate
• 9PX is the first UPS system in its class to provide Unity power factor (VA=W)
• Constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency
• Long battery life with the Eaton ABM battery management technology utilizing 3 stages charging extending battery life up to 50%
• Additional extended run time can be achieved with up to 4 external hot-swap battery modules
• Multi-lingual graphical LCD provides clear information on the UPS's status and measurements
• Available in RT2U for rack mounting 
• Rack-mount or tower mount
• Supplied with a rail rack kit


You will find Uninterruptible Power Supplies in a wide range of applications where the protection of sensitive IT and Networking equipment is crucial. UPS’s are vital in providing extra back up time allowing shutdown software to start or generators to kick in. Uninterruptable power supplies ensure mission-critical data loss can be prevented. Some of the most common areas are

• Data centres
• IT and Networking
• Data Storage & Telecoms
• Industrial and Medical Infrastructure
• Server rooms

Eaton Tower Battery Expansion Module, Rack Mount, 72 V Output - 9PX Series - 9PXEBM72RT2U

Use this tower battery expansion module from Eaton together with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in your server rooms and data centres. Together, they ensure you have power in the event of outages. Should you need more capacity than a standard UPS can supply, this battery extension module works as an external source to give you even more power. The module has a capacity of 2,200 VA (volt-ampere), which means that you can connect up to four modules to increase capacity by up to 8,800 VA.

• Can be tower-mounted or rack-mounted for installation in compact spaces, with a height of just 86.5 mm for the two rack units
• Constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency
• Online operation allows for remote monitoring
• Deep discharge protection protects the battery from discharging too far, for a longer lifetime

How do I connect the modules?

The modules connect to the main UPS using dedicated cables in a daisy-chain configuration, where multiple devices are wired together in sequence.


Type Power Supply
Number Of Ports 4
Voltage 12 V / 9 Ah
Model 9PXEBM72RT2U
Colour Black

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