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Fire Extinguisher for Home Office-Small Mini Portable-Non Presurised-Easy To Use

Product SKU : FIRT3001
  • £59.99
Brand: Firetool

Product Description

Reasons to buy refurbished Firetool :


  • Genuine Firetool Product
  • 5 Years Warranty  
  • Light weight and effective  
  • Winner of What Innovation of the year  
  • Non Toxic Nano technology  


  • Products are New
  • Original Firetool product 
  • All the accessories stated
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

Key Features and Benefits

  • Approved by RINA, SGS and CE
  • The only type of extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical Fires
  • Compact-Less than 20% size comparison
  • Non Hazardous - Human Safe
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Non Pressurised
  • No visual residue mess after use
  • No Damage to engines or electronics
  • Long life - 4 years no maintenance

Working Principle

PFE SERIES model adopts double canisters structure able to withstand up to 2,0 Mpa pressure. Silicon rubber acts as pressure absorber and insulation during operation. Special coolant further reduces operation temperatures and filtrations. Anti-explosion & pressure relief design, pressure released from the discharge end side as further safety feature.

Environmental Friendly and Agent Safety

Firetool SERIES is a GREEN AGENT PRODUCT, Human Safe, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Zero Global Warming Potential. No by-product of agriculture or animal material used.

The world's first Extinguisher Safe & suitable for all types of fire with non Clean Up, Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

Approved by the national Caravan club

Grading Explained

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