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Speck Style Folio Tablet Case Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) Black

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  • 138615-B565
  • anti scratch
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  • 12 Months Warranty
Grade: Excellent Grading Guide
Brand: Speck Style

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What's Included-

  • Speck Style Folio Tablet Case Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) Black
  • 12 Months Warrantty


STYLEFOLIO is a slim and stylish tablet case. Providing superior durability and protection, an interior liner helps protect your screen against scuffs and abrasions on your tablet, while the outer shell shields against bumps and dents. A secure latch closure also keeps everything secure for peace of mind in the event of a fall.

Protective cover includes a magnetic camera shield that covers your lens and easily retracts when you need to snap a photo. Plus, this cover converts into a convenient typing and viewing stand.

Built-in magnets in the cover are strategically placed to put your tablet to sleep when not in use and wake it up automatically when you need it for an extended battery life.

It also has a built-in antimicrobial treatment from Microban® that delivers a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria on the case, creating a cleaner surface.

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