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Vertiv Geist rPDU Power Distribution basic 230V 32A outputs (20)C13 | (4)C19

Product SKU : PO040371-147
  • £249.99
  • Retail Boxed
  • 230V
  • (20)C13 | (4)C19
Grade: Excellent Grading Guide
Brand: Vertiv

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Product Description

Reasons to buy refurbished Vertiv Power Distribution Panel :

The Vertiv Geist rPDU power distribution unit (PDU) is a basic solution for reliable power distribution in your data center or server room. With a voltage rating of 230V and a maximum current of 32A, this PDU features a total of 24 output ports, including 20 C13 and 4 C19 outlets, providing ample power for your devices and applications. The rPDU is designed for easy installation and integration into your existing setup, and its compact and space-saving design allows for efficient use of rack space. The Vertiv Geist rPDU also features a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring and management of power usage, and is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in high-demand environments. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient power distribution solution for your data center or server room, the Vertiv Geist rPDU is an excellent choice. Order now to enjoy reliable and efficient power distribution for your critical devices and applications.       

  • Retail Boxed
  • 230V  
  • 20 x C13 4 x C19 Inputs  

What's Included-

    • Vertiv Geist rPDU, basic, 0U, input IEC60309 230V 32A, outputs (20)C13 | (4)C19
    • 12 Months Warranty


    Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDU - (20) C13 (4) C19| 32A| 230V| 1P+N+E (IP44)

    The Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDU VP7553 is a 32A, 230V, 0U vertical rack power distribution unit (PDU). It has 20 IEC C13, 4 IEC C19 outlets, and a 1P+N+E (IP44) input that provides 7.3kW capacity. Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDUs are UL-listed and are not batch-tested. The RoHS-compliant rPDUs undergo rigorous individual tests for reliability and functionality before shipping. The unit comes with a three-year warranty that can be extended to five-years if registered within 120 days of purchase.


    Type Power Distribution Panel
    Brand Vertiv
    Number Of Ports (20)C13 | (4)C19
    Voltage 230 Volts
    Model VP7553
    Colour Black

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