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Vizio Remote control SB3821-D6 & SB3821-C6 & SB3820-C6 Sound Bar UK Stock

Product SKU : Visio001
  • £11.89
  • Replacement Remote control
  • New OEM
  • Silver
Brand: Visio

Product Description

New Remote Control XRS321 for Vizio Home Theater Sound Bar 


No programming or paring is needed.

Just install new batteries (Not included) and it is ready for use.


* Condition: New

* No Programming Required!

* Batteries and Manual not included.


Compatible with below Vizio soundbar models: 

SB2920-C6 SB3820-C6 SB3820X-C6 SB3821-C6 SB3821-D6 SB3830-C6M SS2520-C6 SS2521-C6 

SB2920C6 SB3820C6 SB3821C6 SB3821D6 SB3830C6M SB3831C6M SS2520C6 SB3820XC6 SS2521C6

Grading Explained

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