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Not everyone can afford to buy brand new phones, tablets, laptops and other tech devices. The obvious way to save money is to look for a well refurbished model (this is where we can help). While a new device is technically more energy-efficient, it’s the energy used by the manufacturer that is actually causing the problem. We offer a range of products in a variety of conditions that could save you a lot of money compared to buying the same thing new.


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Core minerals need to be mined from the earth’s limited supply in order to construct certain components and this process uses a lot of energy, especially as they are being constantly extracted to keep up with demand. As well as the mining process, the manufacturing of computers and laptops causes a lot of water and air pollution as a by-product. 


As parts and components for new computers are made by multiple manufacturers, all over the world. It is, therefore, not just the manufacturing process that creates a great level of pollution but shipping and transporting these parts across the world to reach their final assembly destination will no doubt create a great deal of pollution too.


carbon footprint

Buying refurbished, therefore, prevents the need for any more minerals to be extracted and new parts to be manufactured. Not only does this reduce pressure on the limited supply but also helps reduce the overall carbon footprint. 


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