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What to Look For When Buying a Refurbished Monitor

Posted by Simon Parkinson on

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Don’t want to spend huge amounts on a monitor? Have you thought about buying a refurbished monitor next? If you haven’t, then you definitely should - refurbished monitors are always a great purchase. They can save you money, and allow you to get a top monitor at superb value. 

Below, the team at Student Computers has written a helpful blog post that explores everything you need to know about buying a refurbished monitor. Read on to learn more, and if you would like to view our entire collection of monitors - then head over to our website today. 

What is a Refurbished Monitor?

In case you don’t know exactly what a refurbished monitor is, we’ll briefly explain it now. Essentially, a refurbished monitor is a monitor which has been returned from the original retailer. This device has been refurbished, tested and certified, and so will be in good condition and work well. A refurbished monitor has undergone inspection and testing, as opposed to simply a used monitor which it is often difficult to assess the condition and performance of. 

Should You Buy One?

Some people might be unsure about whether to buy a refurbished monitor or not. However, there are many reasons why you should purchase one - the biggest reason being the incredible affordability. You will be able to make huge cost savings, and save money on your purchase - getting good quality tech at a much lower price. What’s more, you will usually be able to get a warranty too - so you will be able to benefit from this too. 

What to Look For When Buying

When it comes to buying a refurbished monitor, there are a few things that you should look out for. You need to think about what you are going to be using your monitor for, as there are all different types of monitors for different uses. For instance, there are home computing monitors, professional monitors, gaming monitors and cinema monitors - so it is vital that you establish the right sort of monitor for your needs and requirements. 

You should also think about the screen size you need. Monitors generally begin at 15” and go up to 34”, with the standard screen size being 24”. You should consider the screen size you need; larger screens give you more versatility, better viewing angles and better design. However, you should also think about the space in your room and whether you’ve got enough room for a large screen monitor. 

Moreover, it is crucial to think about the connections you need when choosing your monitor. Monitors offer all types of connections including HDMI, display ports and USB ports for external devices. You should think about which connections you need, and adjust your search for a monitor accordingly.

Refurbished Monitors UK 

Here at Student Computers, we offer a wide range of refurbished monitors in the UK, with a variety of options available to choose from. We stock a diverse array of manufacturers including Acer, AOC, Asus, Dell, Eizo, Hannspree, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, MSI, NEC, Philips and Samsung. You can choose via a number of ways including by condition, screen size, price, colour, and grade. Our service is first-class from beginning to end, and if you need to, you will be able to buy now and pay later with Klarna. 

What’s more, you will be able to get free delivery to all addresses in the UK mainland (excluding the Highlands), and whilst we offer a 12 months warranty on all items as standard, it can vary so do check the listing. If you would like to browse through our selection of refurbished monitors, then please head over to the Student Computers website today. Should you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us now on or call us on 01384 396197. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with more details on our high quality monitors and discuss your requirements in more depth.

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