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APC Smart-UPS SRT 72V 2.2kVA RM Lead-Acid Battery Pack High Density - SRT72RMBP

Product SKU : EX015-041
  • £349.99
  • Retail Boxed
  • LED indicator and audible alarms
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • Smart-UPS SRT 72V
  • Fast Delivery
  • 12 Months Warranty
Grade: Excellent Grading Guide
Brand: APC

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Product Description

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What's Included-

  • APC Smart-UPS SRT 72V 2.2kVA RM Lead-Acid Battery Pack High Density - SRT72RMBP
  • 12 Months Warranty


APC's Back-UPS 1400 protect your electronic equipment from damage due to power outages,surges and spikes while providing short term battery power during an outage. The Back-UPS 1400 features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR),which instantly adjusts high and low voltage fluctuations to safe levels for your electronics,saving battery power for when you need it most during storms and power outages. Additionally,Australian sockets make for easy-to-use connection of protected equipment. Specifically designed to protect your PC equipment and network connection in harsh power environments,the Back-UPS 1400 ensures maximum productivity and work efficiency.

LED indicator and audible alarms
Quickly understand the unit and power status through visual and audible indicators.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
"Double boost and single trim"AVR instantly corrects voltage fluctuations without using the battery,allowing you to work indefinitely through inconsistent power,saving battery life for outages.

6 battery backup and surge protected sockets
Keep critical electronic equipment running when the power goes out,so you can protect your work and save your data.

Data line surge protection
Guards against damaging surges and spikes traveling over an analog phone line.

Push button circuit breaker
Provides for easy recovery from circuit overloads and protects your fuse box and electronics from electrical damage.

Automatic diagnostic testing
Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced,ensuring your unit is ready when you need it.

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