Devolo 9299 - 550 Duo+ AV 500 Pass-Through Powerline Starter Kit

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  • Up to 500 Mbps
  • Plug socket stays usable
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Product Description

Image 1 - DEVOLO dLAN 550 duo+ Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack - New Fast & Free Ship

What's Included-

  • DEVOLO dLAN 550 duo+ Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack
  • X2 Ethernet Cable
  • 12 Months Warranty


     Simple concept and operation for powerful results

    - High speeds over long range

    - Fast ethernet ports

    - AC pass-through

    Simple concept and operation

    With a great Plug and Play design, there's no configuration process needed – all you need do is plug the adapters into your power sockets to establish a solid, sophisticated network in very little time.

    With powerline speeds of 500 Mbps, the devolo Powerline Starter Kit has no problem sending multiple HD streams and even 3D movies to all the rooms in your house – a fantastic option to easily construct a home entertainment network.

    With this great networking solution there'll be no more redundant and hazardous wires running through your house.

    High speeds

    You get reliable, fast data transfer with the Devolo dLAN 550 duo+ Powerline Adapter Kit thanks to its advanced HomePlug AV technology.

    Hook up all your compatible devices for a complete internet experience – computers, games consoles, set-top boxes and even compatible printers and hard drives.

    Fast Ethernet ports

    With two Ethernet ports in each adapter, there is plenty of space to connect devices through your Ethernet cables, for more reliable connections.

    AC pass-through

    An integrated socket on each adapter ensures that no power outlet goes to waste.

    Take the fuss out of networking and get your home fully rigged up with quality broadband using the devolo dLAN 550 duo+ Powerline Adapter Kit.

    Grading Explained

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