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SATA to IDE Motherboard Adaptor

Product SKU : EXC001-0014
  • £9.99
  • New
  • SATA to IDE Motherboard Adaptor
  • 8EX306530
  • 12 Month Warranty
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Grade: New Grading Guide
Brand: EXC

Product Description

306530 EXC IDE TO SATA CONVERTER BOARD- 1 X PORT :: 306530 (Components >  Add 3548383065300 | eBay

What's Included-

  • SATA to IDE Motherboard Adaptor


    • 100% hardware, no software installation required

    • Compatible with Ultra ATA133/ 100/ 66/ 33 and SATA I/II/III

    • Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems

    • Dimensions: 75 x 26 mm

    • Fully RoHS compliant

    • Includes the 5.25'' power cord

    • Input connector: 1 x 40-pin HE10 IDE male

    • Jumper setting

    • Output connector: 1 x SATA female

    • Small dimensions

    • Supports 48-bit LBA, breaking the capacity limit to support HDDs over 137GB

    • Supports LBA 48-bit management

  • The host adapter is directly connected to the SATA HDD with no loss of space

Grading Explained

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